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  1. Outside Ourselves

From the recording Outside Ourselves

-Robert "Freightrain" Parker - Bass and Lead Vocals
-Grace Lougen - Guitar
-Greg Leech - Organ
-Toney Rhodes - Keys
-Damone Jackson - Drums and Percussion
-Amina Boyd - Lead and Background Vocals
-Grace Stumberg - Background Vocals
-Megan Brown - Background Vocals
*DaMarka Wheeler, Darcel Blue, Carl Smith, Jaimier Hennegan - Additional Backing Vocals
Produced by Robert Parker
Engineers Alan Dusel and Michael Etherington

Recorded at Starfields Productions
*Additional Backing Vocals Recorded and Engineered at California Road Studios
*Final Mix California Road Studios


Outside Ourselves
Parker/Lougen ©2017

The door of our heart can often be closed
Shades drawn, windows down
Inside broken chairs, they cover the floor
Lock on the handle, keeping feelers out

Outside ourselves
The whole world is fighting
Dividing itself all over again
Outside ourselves
A whole world is losing
Sight of the love, that has the power to change

Hatred and fear, sound their battle cry
Happened before, it's no different this time
Violent and arrogant light up the sky
What will it take to raise the blind


**2nd Chorus
The whole world is changing
To be set free, free from the pain
The whole world is trying to overcome
We must be the change