Grace Lougen

Grace is an accomplished and sought-after guitarist from Kenmore, NY. Her playing is emotive and slick. She plays intense, tasteful and fluid solos effortlessly, that take listeners on aural journeys to special places, where they never want to leave. Grace is a valued writer; whose contributions are paramount to the success of the album recordings. Her facial expressions and tones are made of everything audiences adore. A must-see master of the axe.

Greg Leech

Greg is a keyboard player whose roots in Jazz and Blues have influenced his stylings since the age of four. Greg perfected his playing skills working diligently with his long-time friend and mentor Ronnie Foster, keyboard player for George Benson. His musical journey has seen him perform at many marquee venues locally, regionally and nationally. His tasteful playing is that of a true consummate professional, who was born to perform.


Diana Nowak-Riffel

Acclaimed session drummer Diana “Danusia Beatz” Nowak-Riffel is a natural born performer who’s in-the-pocket meter and personal musical stylings have seen her compare notes with some of the best percussion aficionados in the business. Her exemplary skills saw her rise to a level of recognition, that commands great respect from her peers. Diana thrives on live performance! Nowak-Riffel’s reputation and skill-set are paramount to the grand successes she has achieved, including gracing the stages of ornate theatres, major festivals and a multitude of world-class venues.