Outside Ourselves - 2017 Release

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 Robert “Freightrain” Parker has already garnered numerous awards and attention from the music listening community, particularly fans of roots music and Americana, and there’s no question his latest album will only build on his blossoming reputation.

Michael Rand - MobAngeles Review


Few releases in recent memory come close to achieving the seamless stylishness you’ll hear from Robert “Freightrain” Parker’s Outside Ourselves and, if nothing else, illustrates Parker’s comfort with surprising his audience. 

Anne Hollister - The Indie Source

Outside Ourselves is an outstanding album without a single filler track and the level of musicianship at work here is impossible to deny or ignore.

Mindy McCall - No Depression Mag

Robert Parker and the Freightrain brand have proven time and time again that their contention isn’t just to get people hooked on their hybrid of surreal sounds but to spread the gospel of music and its most sacred pleasures to a world that is desperate for unity, and they continue to demonstrate their convictions in this excellent record. Simply put – this LP belongs on your stereo.

Jamie Morse at Band Blurb

Parker’s Freightrain project delivers an exceptional performance here, with no one track acting as the centerpiece of this record and each aiding in the creation of a larger, moving narrative that speaks to the very essence of creativity itself

Clay Burton - Independent Music and Arts Inc.

Robert “Freightrain” Parker leads his eponymous super-group of dynamic players in the brilliant new album Outside Ourselves, which unties the seductive sway of soul music, the frustrating melancholy of blues, the blunt grooves of funk and just a touch of metallic rock n’ roll magma to make a sound that goes beyond the limits of genre classification altogether.

Loren Sperry - Music Existence

Outside Ourselves, a nine song studio effort from Robert “Freightrain” Parker and his band, solidifies Parker’s status as one of the pre-eminent figures in American roots music.Gwenn Waggoner - SkopeMag

Outside Ourselves does everything that it’s title would have us believe it capable of; it takes the emotion, the passion and the bond between its star musicians and projects it into tangible matter that we can relate to and take joy in.

Michael Stover - Music Existence